PT. Selaras Harmoni Utama

Silica Gel

Selling Silica Gel in Jakarta. Silica Gel is glass-like granules with a very porous form, silica is made synthetically from sodium silicate. Although it is called silica gel, its form is solid. Silica gel is a natural mineral that is purified and processed into one form of beads or beads. As a dryer, it has an average pore size of 2.4 nanometers and has a strong affinity for water molecules.

Silica Gel is a form of silica that is produced through agglomeration of sodium silicate sol (NaSiO2). The soles resemble agar - so they can be dehydrated so that they turn into solid or glass-like granules that are not elastic. These properties make silica gel used as an adsorbent, dryer and catalyst support. Cobalt salts can be absorbed by this gel.
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